Natural microbial preservative e polylysine for spices

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Quick Details
CAS No.:
Other Names:
poly Lys, E- PL
Place of Origin:
Henan, China
Antioxidants, Emulsifiers, Nutrition Enhancers, Preservatives, Stabilizers, Feed Grade Antibiotic & Antibacterial Agents,Biological & Natural Food
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Shelf life:
Two years
Appearance and Physical State:
pale yellow powder
Melting Point:
172.8 °C
Solubility in Water:
Molecular Weight:
3600-4700 g/mol
no odour
98.0% Min
Zhengzhou Bainafo Bioengineering Co Ltd.
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
30 Ton/Tons per Year preservatives
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
natural microbial feed additives e polylysine.HCL for feathered poultry, 0.2kg, 0.5kg HDPE bottles with integral, tamper-proof seals, or 20 kg, 25kg cartons or packed to customer's requirements.
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Natural microbial preservative e polylysine for spices



Product Description


Polylysine(ε-poly-L-lysine) is a homo-polymer of the essential amino acid L-lysine 

which is produced by bacterial fermentation. 


As a new biological fungistat, PLY is widely applied in food, health care, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries for its extraordinary anti-bacterial & anti-corrosion performance. 


It’s praised as the “nutritional preservative” by FDA and most respected by over 50 countries.







Pale yellow powder

ε-Polylysine Purity


Loss on drying


Residue on ignition


Heavy metals








ε-polylysine Effect


1> ε-polylysine can greatly inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeasts and moulds bacteria, especially to the Gram+ bacteria which can’t easily inhibit by others.



2> As a good preservative, ε-PL is characterized as being high safety, water-soluble, stable at high temperatures, widely usage, non prejudice to the taste, antibacterial in neutral or subacidity conditions.



3> Because of the stability at high temperatures, it can inhibit some heat-resistant bacillus after heat treatment and some tadpole-form noncontractile siphovirus as well.



4> ε - PL can stop small intestine fat absorption through inhibiting pancreatic lipase activities, so it can be the diet therapy for obese patients.



5> Besides, ε - PL also can be used in cosmetics, disinfectant or cleaner for food machinery or hutch, etc.




Function of E-polylysine in Poultry Rearing

E-polylysine can be partially reduced to lysine in the body of poultry,  it can be as digested and absorbed by the poultry  as the nutrients,  and most of it are finally excreted  through  the poultry entire digestive system. 


Experiments show that add E-polylysine in poultry feed or drinking water with 20-50ppm can  playa preventive role in poultry diseases and reduce the amount of antibiotics, at the same time, it can also increase the amount of 100g-500g of meat.




The Principle of E-polylysine

E- poly- lysine as a broad-spectrum antibacterial agents,  it can inhibit most of  microorganisms, applying  the small amount of E-polylysine in poultry food  can  guarantee the entire digestive microflora balance, so as to ensure healthy growth of the poultry, to  prevent disease and promote the meat production volume.




The application cost of E-polylysine

For example: E-polylysine can added by the  following two methods during the  rearing of chicken.


Add E-polylysine in feed, it needs about 42 days  from chicks to the  chicken,  it  needs 6kg feed in total, calculating the cost by adding 30ppm E-polylysine,  the total cost of E-polylysine = 6000 * 30 * 10-6 = 0.18 ( g ) , about USD0.06.


Add E-polylysine in the drinking water, it needs about 42 days from  chicks to the  chicken, it needs 11 kg drinking water in total, calculating the cost by adding 20ppm E-polylysine, the total cost of E-polylysine = 11000 * 20 * 10-6 = 0.22 ( g ), about  USD0. 07.




Packaging & Shipping

Packages: Strong damp-proof, water-proof packing


1kg,2kg, 25kg or packed to customer's requirements.






Our Services
We are professional manufacturer since 2007.  
The following services are offered:


=> Service of OEM brand


=> Processing / Wholesale / Retail


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Company Information


Biological, Natural, Favorable ——BNF
——Essence of BaiNaFo Products



Bainafo Bioengineering Co., Ltd. was founded in December, 2007 with registered capital of 10 million RMB and a production area of 55,000 square meters.


As a high-tech enterprise, BNF is the first factory that commercialized the production of Polylysine in China as a natural food preservative. We specialise in researching and producing all sorts of natural biological products, such as the organic food additives and pharmaceutical intermediates.


We have obtained ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO22000:2006 food safety management system, and HALAL certifications.


Currently, we have a set of patented technology and products with our own intellectual property rights.


Welcome to our factory for a visit
















Q. What is polylysine and how does it work?
A. Polylysine is simply a chain of lysine molecules produced by fermentation. This chain of lysine has a strong charge that attracts it to mold, yeasts & bacteria, attacking these microbes and knocking them out.
Q. Is Polylysine safe?
A. Polylysine is 100% natural and extremely safe – safer than the salt on your dinner table (LD50 for Polylysine is more than 5g/kg vs. 4g/kg for NaCl).  It’s GRAS by the US FDA for a wide variety of applications and approved for use in food in Japan and Korea, where it’s been used for over 20 years.
Q. How much Polylysine do I need in my application?
A. It varies based on your application, condition, and your expectations, but generally 20-250ppm is recommended.  In some applications, Polylysine works best in combination with other preservatives. Our sales staff can give you detailed information 
specific to your purpose.
Q. Why Polylysine?
A. Polylysine is unique in that it’s natural and works where others can’t – on pathogens, mold and yeast.  All this and it’s virtually flavorless and odorless – providing the extra “bump” you need to your existing preservative system or replacing it altogether.
Q. What conditions does Polylysine work best?
A. Polylysine works best with moist foods of neutral to higher pH and higher temperature (namely, higher PH and temperature are NO PROBLEM for Polylysine).  Polylysine can be refrigerated, frozen, boiled, baked and gets right to work when it needs to.



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